About Solbridge EA

Solbridge Energy Advisors is an independent consulting and brokerage firm specializing in solar energy projects. We represent end users in the broader marketplace of solar design and installation companies, helping our clients determine their solar capabilities and find the best path forward. We partner with local, regional and national solar engineering, installation, and financing companies to provide our clients with a variety of solutions for their specific needs. Collectively, our team has over 20 years of experience in electric and utility infrastructure, solar engineering, land development, environmental impact, logistics, contract negotiations, project financing, and aggregation.

Founding Members

Greg Winks has been working to promote and develop the solar market in Western Pennsylvania for the past eight years. Mr. Winks began his work in renewables with Community Energy Inc., where he learned the development process as well as the many economic and environmental benefits of solar energy. Taking advantage of his rapidly growing industry network, Mr. Winks founded Clean Energy Resources with a broad focus on educational outreach. He is actively involved with Solar Unified Network of Western Pennsylvania, and has served as treasurer of the organization. Prior to entering the renewable energy industry, Mr. Winks spent 25 years in the real estate sector, including sales, development, and investment. Outside of work, Mr. Winks is a passionate fan of Pittsburgh and Purdue University sports teams, and his great love of family, including seven grandchildren.

Will Brown takes pride in helping consumers understand and navigate the complex process of going solar. With a lifelong passion for the outdoors, Will aims to inspire and educate the leaders among us who are poised to preserve the healthy future of this planet and the communities we live in. Will earned his undergraduate degree in Environmental Engineering from Connecticut College, with a focus in Geology and Renewable Energy Technologies. Will combines his professional experience in energy transmission, materials science, process engineering, logistics, and community outreach to find innovative applications for solar energy and other renewables. Through his work with Solbridge Energy Advisors, he intends to change the paradigm of how homeowners, business owners, communities and municipalities secure their energy independence.

Will and Greg met in 2016 working for SolarCity (now Tesla Energy) as solar energy consultants. During their tenure, their team led the east coast in solar installations. Despite this achievement, they shared a frustration with the limitations of consulting on behalf of a single installation company. In September of 2017, Solbridge Energy Advisors was founded to change this paradigm. By prioritizing the goals of end users, Solbridge makes the process of going solar more straightforward and user-friendly, while creating opportunities for greater innovation and cost competition among service providers.