Commercial Solar

Federal tax credits and accelerated depreciation schedules have made solar for business a profitable investment that pays dividends in many ways. There has never been a better time to take advantage of these opportunities, and we are here to help. Working with Solbridge, you will receive not only the best solutions at the most competitive rates, but also objective expert guidance in your decision-making process.

After representing two of the largest residential solar companies in the nation, our founders were united by the fact that end users were generally unaware of the process and options for going solar in the rapidly growing marketplace. Instead of representing one company with one set of products, Solbridge EA flips this paradigm by representing end users in the broader marketplace. In doing so, we are able to leverage our network of solar design and installation companies, architects, engineers, and financing entities to make your solar project a reality.

Ballasted solar panel installation on a large commercial rooftop with a pebble surface

By understanding what is feasible and available in the market, you can be confident in your choice to establish yourself as a progressive leader with your employees and customers, as well as within your community. 

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