The Challenge of Solar for Nonprofits

Federal tax incentives make solar a no-brainer for anyone with a tax liability. Unfortunately, these incentives cannot be leveraged by nonprofit entities. However, there are a number of ways to overcome this challenge. Solbridge can help you understand which strategies are possible for your organization and how to decide which is best.

Municipal Solar Initiative (MSI)

For nearly 2 years, Solbridge has been working closely with Councils of Government (COGs) throughout Pennsylvania to educate municipal leaders on the many benefits of solar. Having met with leaders from over 70 municipalities, we are confident that widespread municipal solar development is possible through intergovernmental collaboration and aggregation. For more information on the MSI, visit

Creativity is Key

Every challenge is an opportunity. Our region is home to countless nonprofit organizations, as well as a high concentration of municipal governments. The process may be more complex for these entities to go solar, but the benefits can be amplified through education and public awareness. Solbridge can not only help you understand the various pathways, but also develop the organizational vision, public-facing message, educational curriculum, etc. that will maximize the impact of your choice to go solar.