Residential Client Reviews

"Their services are invaluable"

We have contemplated installing solar panels on our house for quite a number of years. Each time we began the research, we gave up in frustration, totally lost in the technical terms and process. Then one sunny afternoon, Greg and Will from Solbridge entered our lives.

Greg and Will are very knowledgeable about the solar industry because they have worked and continue to work in this field. They spent countless hours with us, answering our questions, addressing our concerns, and assisting us in determining our solar needs. They did the research and matched us with potential solar installation companies.

In short order, we became the proud owners of solar panels which are operational and harnessing the power of the sun. We could not have accomplished this without Greg and Will. They are knowledgeable and personable and stood by our side each step of the way. Their services are invaluable, and whenever and wherever possible, we will sing their praises.

David and Ava

New Kensington, PA

"This made my choice relatively easy"

I had been interested in getting solar panels for many years and experienced an unsuccessful, frustrating attempt to obtain them. Fortunately for me, along came Greg and Will of Solbridge who analyzed my needs and obtained proposals from solar companies. I would not have known what components to contrast but they provided a summary sheet comparing all pertinent aspects of the various proposals. This made my choice relatively easy.

They guided me through the whole process and answered my questions in a way that someone with no knowledge in this field could understand. Because of their support, I had complete confidence in my solar purchase and a 'sunny' experience.

For anyone contemplating solar energy, I highly recommend that you obtain the services and expertise of Solbridge to assist you through the process. I couldn't have done it without them!


Indianola, PA

"They have done so much of the legwork"

Within the first meeting, Will was able to explain aspects of my electric bill where I was being grossly overcharged and literally saved me hundreds of dollars.

Even if you’re just curious about solar, this should be your first stop. They have done so much of the legwork in terms of what options are available to consumers in Pittsburgh and will tell you what makes most sense without ever pushing anything on you.

This is a lost art of salesmanship through education. You can tell these gentlemen are driven by the pride in making a difference.


Pittsburgh, PA

Commercial Client Reviews

"They are truly concerned about their clients"

I have been involved with Solbridge for over two years. They are professional in their approach and how they interact with both potential and existing clientele.

Our apartment complex is great for solar, but with multiple buildings, electrical meters, and billing structures there was a lot to consider. Solbridge walked us through our options and came up with a unique solution that provided the best value for our investment. They are truly concerned about their clients and ensure that the client is best served, even at times to their own detriment.

Greg and Will are truly “stand up” people that do what they say and are definitely willing to go above and beyond when necessary. I highly recommend them for any project that involves solar.


Kent, OH